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Our Care Consultants help to provide
a greater quality of life for you
or a loved one.

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It is stressful to manage aging,
illness, or a disability by yourself.
1 Link can help.

LBGTQ Couple 1 Link 4 Pride expands on 1 Link’s philosophies and mission dedicating a division with a focus on inclusivity and advocacy.

Not sure how to find the best care for a loved one?

1 Link is here to help you make informed decisions and discern the best and most cost-effective care available.

“When we embrace the perspective that caring for one another can be a privilege, then it allows the door to open for dignity and love to abound, and our unique purpose for being in each other’s lives becomes clear.”

– Mary Kate Kennedy, Founder, 1 Link 4 Senior Care & 1 Link 4 Care

1 Link Overview

1 Link is a dedicated team of licensed and nationally certified professionals in the field of aging and adult health. Our mission is to help clients and families make informed decisions to further improve quality of life. Our services focus on problem-solving, education, and advocacy solutions. Our consulting services are provided via a HIPAA-protected video and telephonic communication platforms. 1 Link’s solutions are designed to meet the challenges of today’s toughest problems faced by those who are aging, ill, or confronted by a disability.

Our initial consultation is free. During that session, we will discuss what you need or the challenges you are faced with and how best 1 Link can assist to find the right solution.

3 Divisions – Adults 18-65 & 65+

We have 3 separate divisions to meet the needs of our clients: 1 Link 4 Senior Care, Inc., which serves the aging population, as well as 1 Link 4 Care that serves the needs of younger adults ages 18-64, and 1 Link 4 Pride which expands on our philosophies and mission with a focus on inclusivity.

If you or a loved one is impacted by the stress of managing
aging, illness, or a disability, here is how 1 Link can help:
  • Provide interventional strategies for behavioral challenges related to dementia or mental health issues.
  • Create plans for the delivery of safe and well-managed care services and supports.
  • Determine the best fit for care and services amid a variety and costs, models, and venues.
  • Navigate the complexities of a challenging health care system to assemble supports needed by provider networks and insurance companies.
  • Provide interventional strategies for behavioral challenges related to dementia or mental health issues.
  • Call for a free, no obligation, phone or video consultation.
  • Establish a plan of action based on your goals and quality of life.
  • Enjoy peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Why choose 1 Link?

By listening to what is important to our clients as individuals, and considering all the resources at hand, we can attain the right solution for each person’s unique situation. Our ever-expanding team of certified and licensed professionals in the fields of aging, dementia, chronic illness, cancer care, mental health and other disabilities continues to faithfully serve our clients and their loved ones with respect, dedication, and care.

Licensed Professionals

Highly skilled clinicians will help to improve quality of care and life for you and your loved one.

We're Here for You & Your Loved Ones

We will work to determine the best care and services for you amid a variety and costs, models, and venues.

Helping the Young & Old

18 or 65+, our solutions are designed to meet challenges whether aging, ill, or with disabilities.

Free Phone Consultations

We will determine if your goals and the services of 1 Link services are a good fit for your needs.