1 Link 4 Senior Care & 1 Link 4 Care are part of one company. 1 Link 4 Senior Care is the division that serves clients who are 65 and older, and 1 Link 4 Care’s division supports those age 18 -64. Both divisions provide advocacy, care coordination, and consultation to help clients and their families make informed decisions on matters related to aging or disability.

We help outline the options available, find solutions to problems and link our clients to resources that will support care and services, treatment interventions, maintaining dignity and preservation of rights. We have an array of services which includes consultations on care management, advisement by advanced practice nurses in chronic illness, cancer care, geriatric psychiatry, general mental health and community health education to help you find answers to your questions and resolutions of your problems.

We can coordinate services for in-home or long-term facility care. We can speak with doctors or care providers to get the insight needed to maximize our client’s health and well-being. We can also review medical bills, arrange for legal supports or advocacy when clients are experiencing problems or when providers are not resolving matters as they should.

We have free resources and information available on our Facebook page:

1 Link provides consulting services on a national basis as our services are performed via video and teleconference platforms.

Business hours are Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm. Established clients have access to after-hours support if needed.

1 Link offers both flat-rate and hourly pricing. We will be happy to review our service price list with you during our free consultation. Some long-term care insurance policies have provisions that pay for care management services. Our clients or their loved ones pay privately for the service otherwise.

If you or a loved one is experiencing a health crisis, contact 911. You should always contact your primary care doctor, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant to discuss emergency health concerns.

Should you choose to enlist 1 Link’s services, we will collaborate with your primary care provider if needed, but if you need immediate help, you should contact them first.

You can get more information, request the free initial consultation, or enlist our services by reaching us phone, email, fax, or USPS to:

1 Link 4 Senior Care, Inc. (Serving ages 65+)
1 Link 4 Care, Inc. (Serving ages 18 – 64)
We help families find solutions. ®
10,000 Lincoln Drive East
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Email: solutions@1link4solutions.com
Office: Call 856-210-2204
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